Ragnarok exporter

Maya to UDK level exporter.

I would like to present you my Maya to UDK level exporter called Ragnarok. Right now it's not a final product, but some core functionality has been implemented already. What it allows you to do is to create level in Maya, select group of objects that are identical, assign them ID and export them to *t3d UDK file type which you can import form UDK and have your objects on the same place as in Maya. Individual files (objects, meshes, models whatever you want to call them) must be exported separately first however. I work with FBX exporter, but OBJ should do just fine too. Ragnarok is a MEL script that enables level designers to work in Maya and transfer mesh data to UDK with one click.

Image 1: Here's the result I've got.

For a long time I've been struggling with topic on exporting static meshes from Maya to UDK. I think it is really tedious and very time consuming when you have to export one mesh as FBX file then import it in UDK from content browser set its position/rotation/scale and such and do that 100 or more times for every mesh in your scene. Also my computer is not spaceshuttle to handle UDK rendering and real time edits that well, so I can barley handle few thousands of polygons in editor. Maya on other hand is my preferred tool for level design and it's fast.

Not everyone will agree with me but for what I need, this little MEL script makes the job done.

Where to download

I made the code available for download on GitHubunder MIT License.


  • Do your level design in Maya
  • One click export from Maya
  • One click import in UDK
  • None of the basic principles of game design are broken
  • Working fine with mesh instances
  • Intuitive UI
  • Easy to use

How to use

  1. Make sure your mesh rotation order are set to XZY!!!
  2. Load tool. You should get this window.

  3. Image 1: Exporter main screen.

  4. Select all instances of one type of object.
  5. In Tag textbox enter name that corresponds to the name of that kind of object inside UDK's content browser.
  6. Press Add Attribute  and look up for new Ragnarok Tag  attribute on every selected object's transform tab (not shape!).

  7. Image 2: Maya interface showing 'Ragnarok tag' custom attribute.

  8. Set Export Dir  in World tab to directory where you want exporter to dump your *.t3d file . It is not necessary for it to be inside UDK or Maya folder, but makes your organization of stuff more appropriate.
  9. Image 3: Ragnarok World properties.

  10. Set UDK Package Name  to the name of your package inside UDK where models you are exporting right now are located. It is necessary to name it correctly or UDK won't be able to parse *.t3d file correctly. As of version 1.1 this is default value. You can override it on per object basis.

  11. Image 4: UDK UI showing package and mesh names.

  12. Unit multiplier  is there to make some changes to world translation and translation only data. Rotation and scale are left uneffected by Unit multiplier  variable. It multiplies XYZ values for each object before writing them to *.t3d file.
  13. Hitting Export  button will make the job done. You will get all translation, rotation and scale values from selected objects to one file which you can import inside UDK.
  14. Inside UDK, go to File-Import-Into Existing Map  and open exported file. You should see your objects inside UDK Level Editor.
  15. When you want to make an adjustment, export from Maya again, delete all stuff within UDK with Tag = "Ragnarok Component"  and import *.t3d file again.