Mobile RPG Game Maker

RPG game maker for the Web.

Mobile RPG Maker represents visual tool to design RPG/Adventure game types. Idea behid its design and functionallity came from great tool called RPG Maker. All visible is created from scratch. Target devices for what games are to be made are Windows Phone devices based on XNA game system. I hope to complete this big project sometime in 2013 and publish first game with it by the end of the year. No public release is planned for now.

Desktop application UI

A year after inital start of this project, once I have found that I have strenghten my web skills, I made a spin. I decided to create small working playable prototype that runs on - Web. Initialy, I created Windows application using C# and build the game with it to be ready for Windows Phone devices. Now, I'm a strong beliver that the same functionality can be achived through the modern web app built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Today, web has grown so much and became powerful enough and we start to see all kinds of games and interactive apps runing on it. A lot of opportunities for interactive web develpment comes from HTML tag - canvas. Just take a look at these brliant canvas examples and see for yourself the power of modern web! Below, is small working game prototype for you to try. You can talk with a guy, find and item and bring it back to him. But hey, some core functionallity is here! When and if I decide to create an actual tool as web app, you will be notified via Twitteror here on updated post.

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